The spirit of BBS Craftsmanship unravelled from Expert's stories.


Subaru Tecnica International
Hideharu Tatsumi

Controlling the tires and taking cornering to the limit.
These things give drivers the courage to be the best.

Tires are the only part of the car that touches the road.
That’s why maximizing their performance is essential.

The racing circuit is where competition unfolds in the most grueling of conditions. In order to win, you have to push everything to the limit. That’s why we took a closer look at the only part of the car that touches the road, the tires—as well as at the part that transmits power to the tires, the wheels. To win a race, you have to be able to corner without loss. That’s why it’s crucial for wheels to bring out the grip performance of the tires to maximum effect. In my experience, BBS wheels have what it takes to deliver peak tire performance.

BBS began supplying wheels to Formula One in the 1990s, and today our wheels are favored by teams in SUPER GT and other championships around the world.

Drivers need the freedom to turn and stop just as they intend.
Reducing driver concern toward zero is key.

Forged wheels have a different kind of flexibility and grip to them. These qualities help orient the tire tread to the road applying maximum surface area and helping the tires adhere to the road with real power. Moreover, when drivers enter a corner, forged wheels significantly contribute to steering responsiveness. Giving drivers a greater tactile feel for the road allows them to go beyond their previous limits and press the accelerator a little bit more. They are giving their all to the race, and forged wheels are replacing any trepidation with confidence. I believe that this is a fundamental aspect of wheel performance.

Formed by subjecting a metal ingot to immense pressure in a forging press, a forged wheel is extremely lightweight and has the ability to flex gracefully in response to driving conditions.

How can wheels be better to help us win?
BBS cares. And listens.

When we talk to drivers after a race, there’s one particular thing we notice. When they are positive about the wheels, they invariably turn in a good time. There’s a direct relationship between driving feel and results. BBS listens to the voice of the driver and puts what it learns into its new wheels. This approach truly resonates with me. It’s why I feel that BBS is the best possible partner for people like us, who are competing on the track to win it all.

All of the data and experience BBS gains from the racetrack it pours back into its wheels for the road.