about BBS

Origins of BBS

BBS was founded in 1970 by two German engineers, Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand, in the little town of Schiltach located in the Black Forest of Germany. BBS is named after the initials of the two founders and the town: Baumgartner Brand Schiltach.

The first products developed by BBS were fiberglass auto body aero parts. At the time, the European Touring Car Championship (ETC) was becoming popular in Europe and these aero parts were being adopted for the racing cars of the championship. Thereafter, while deeply involved with motorsports BBS also began focusing on the development and manufacture of wheels for racing cars, and in 1972 began production of its three-piece racing wheels.



  • Entered into technical cooperation with Karl Mayer Inc., Germany, and established Washi Beam Co., Ltd.


  • Established BBS Japan Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG, Germany.


  • Started supplying forged aluminum wheels for passenger cars.

    The cross-spoke design features the weight reduction and heat dissipation effect of the wheel itself, and is very well-balanced with respect to the load. Currently unchanged design representative of BBS wheels.


  • BBS forged one piece wheel wins the Technology Innovation Award at the SEMA-AIA show in the US.

  • Supplied our first OEM equipment wheels to Nissan as Skyline's option wheels.


  • Started exclusive supply of forged magnesium F-1™ racing wheels to Ferrari.

    Japan BBS successfully develops forged magnesium wheels that are about 20% lighter than conventional models.
    Received exclusive three-year contract from Ferrari to supply forged magnesium wheels for F1™.


  • Started supplying forged magnesium DTM and INDY500 racing wheels to racing teams.


  • Started mass production of the LM wheels to supply the 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race.

  • Started supplying forged magnesium F-1™ racing wheels to other teams.

    Started supplying racing wheels for major races in Japan and abroad including the German Touring Car Championship (DTM), 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race, Super GT, and Super Formula.
    Michael Schumacher wins his first F1™ World Champion driving for the Benetton team equipped with BBS forged magnesium wheels.


  • Won the Podio Ferrari Award for BBS, the Ferrari Innovation Award.


  • Started mass production of the world's first forged extra super duralumin wheels.

    Achieved the world's first forged extra super duralumin wheels using the JIS A-7000 series alloy typically used for aircraft structures by means of a unique heat treatment manufacturing process over a longer period of time than conventionally used.


  • Company names unified to BBS Japan Co., Ltd.


  • Launched BBS JAPAN TANZO CLUB, a BBS Members Club.


  • Started mass production of forged magnesium wheels.

    World's first forged magnesium F-1™ racing wheels achieved by BBS.
    Coating performance enhanced using BBS's own heat treatment without compromising material strength and fatigue strength. Mass production successfully started.