LM30 1994-2024
LM 30th Anniversary model The LM 30th anniversary model, determined by your votes, will be available for a limited period sales starting on 1st Mar, 2024.

High-brightness painting diamond-gold disk are
combined with black bright diamond-cut rim,
and the deep color tone creates a sense of luxury.

Diamond Gold disk and
Black Bright Diamond-cut rim

Orders received during the following period will be benefited LM 30th anniversary sticker.

Limited period sales is available on 1st Mar,2024 - 31 Dec,2024
Price: 10,000Yen(Without tax) from standard color line-up.

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Winning product announcement of


Endurance racing is a proving ground for wheel technology, testing it to the limits. The LM is a forged aluminum 2-piece wheel named after Le Mans, one of the most prestigious endurance races. Here, we highlight the lineage of the LM.

BBS of Germany had been looking for a partner to manufacture forged wheels. It entered into a technical partnership with Japanese textile machinery manufacturer Washi Beam Co., Ltd. Then, BBS Japan was established.
BBS Japan launched the 3-piece forged aluminum wheel “RS”. The name “RS” recalls the evocative German term, “Rennsport,” or “racing sport,” which Porsche and BMW fans may know well.
  • RS

BBS cross-spoke wheels supported the feet of Group C sports cars of Porsche that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1980s. This racetrack experience was feedback into the development of new production wheels.
  • NEWMAN PORSCHE 956 (1984)

The “RS” was a 3-piece wheel, but the “RS-II”, which was developed as a two-piece forged aluminum wheel by combining a one-piece rim with an inner and outer rim and a brake disc, was released in 1991. In parallel, the “RS-II Open” was also released at the same time, with a sportier design that eliminated the center cover.
  • RSⅡ


The cross-spoke wheel, which has been continuously developed based on technology gained from Le Mans, has finally been brought to the market. Named "LM" after Le Mans, the wheel became a big hit soon after its launch thanks to its timeless design and functional beauty backed by genuine forging technology.
  • LM

BBS did its utmost to incorporate the latest technology from the racing world, coming out with a “genuine” design with no vanity. This concept was captured by the catchphrase, “Real Racing Style.” The LM quickly became a BBS flagship product, and it has now been a favorite of enthusiasts of authentic design for over 30 years.

LM 30th Anniversary COLOR AUDITION Voting Period 2024 1/1 MON - 1/14 SUN

Winning Product Announcement

  • 1位 1091 votes

    Diamond Gold disk and
    Black Bright Diamond-cut rim

  • 2nd place 627 votes

    Black disk and Black rim

  • 3rd place 586 votes

    Matte Silver disk and
    Red Metallic Bright Diamond-cut rim

  • 4th place 392 votes

    Dark Lazulite disk and
    Silver Diamond-cut rim