Forged for emotion.

Crushing metal stock to one-fourth its original height. Forming in one pulse both the structural and decorative elements of the wheel. Thereby aximizing strength, minimizing weight, and bringing out the quality of toughness that deftly handles the shocks of the road.

What makes this transformation possible is pressure—and lots of it. That’s why we’ve introduced a new 12,000-ton press in our factory. Pressing large-diameter wheels with high efficiency, it allows our line to produce a greater variety of wheels than ever before.

Experienced artisans are essential to the production process. They craft the dies used in our forging presses, and they hand-finish each wheel after pressing. Finally, they carefully inspect each wheel to ensure top quality and thus top performance.

“Drive on them—and you’ll understand.” That’s how our customers describe the unique drive feel our forged wheels offer. Pursuing perfection is our only path to true emotional performance.

We craft and manage our dies 100% in-house.
To take precision to the limit, our artisans process each die by hand. The result is eautifully even pressing and impressively fine detail.