For BBS, evolution is the answer.

The future of people and the wheel.
In production now.

Not far from our main factory in Takaoka, Toyama, our new painting plant is born. Boasting a site 16,500 m2 in area, this facility is both large and advanced.
To minimize the risk of dust and other impurities marring a perfect finish, the entire painting line is located inside a clean room. In addition, the plant features the latest in automation technologies, keeping the need for human labor low and taking efficiency to an astounding new high.

BBS never stops moving. Our goal is to deliver wheels of the highest possible quality to the greatest number of people. To move people’s hearts through the power of a superlative product. These intentions are behind everything we do at our new painting factory. The future of people and the wheel is in production right now.

To help keep the air as pure as possible, dustproof workwear is required on the painting line. The second floor, shown here, is completely automated.